Mark Paley has built Water Tower Nursing and Home, a Chicago home care agency, based on a family tradition of providing prompt professional service to those who live, work, and visit the neighborhood.

Every company’s founder has a unique story. Here is Mark’s:

In 1985, as a new graduate of the pharmacy school at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Mark went to work for his father Burton Paley. As Mark likes to tell the story; “I graduated on a Saturday and went to work on the next Monday.” Mark became a third generation pharmacist serving the same community his family did before him.

The Drug Store at Water Tower Place was established in 1976 when the Water Tower Place building was built. Mark helped his father Burt remodel the pharmacy and rename it Water Tower Pharmacy. Burt purchased Sargents Drug Store (the oldest pharmacy in the city of Chicago, established 1852) and merged it into Water Tower Pharmacy and renamed it Sargent’s Water Tower Pharmacy.

In 1992, Mark purchased from his father John F. Carnegie Drug located in the Drake Hotel, Chicago (established 1888) and merged it into Sargents Water Tower Pharmacy and renamed it Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy at Water Tower Place.

Mark was not satisfied running a traditional community pharmacy. In 1996, through his membership and participation in many associations, Mark saw the convergence between the re-advent of the pharmacist as a primary care practitioner and the explosion in the interest in nutritional products. Mark likes to say; instead of selling Beanie Babies and vitamins I started a health promotion company Integrated Health Care Systems. Mark hired a Registered Dietitian who had a certification in exercise instruction, and together they began providing both products and consulting services related to Nutrition, Fitness, Medication and Self-Care.

Creation of a Home Care Agency

Finally, in 1997 Mark established a Chicago area home care agency known as Water Tower Nursing and Home Care. Again, it was a twist of fate. Being a neighborhood concern, people in need often turn to Mark for help. One day a caregiver Mark had known and trusted for a long time called to say she had just lost her client. On that same day a retired physician Mark had served for a long time called inquiring if Mark knew anyone who could provide home care assistance. A company was born.

The story doesn’t end there.

Mark needed a way to tie his three complementary companies together. Again, Mark didn’t have to go far. This time, Mark turned to his good friend Joe to help develop the brand the For Good Health Group and

The For Good Health Group(sm) combines the strength of Mark’s three companies; Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy & Health Center, Water Tower Nursing & Home Care and Integrated Health Care Systems.

The For Good Health Group team approach empowers clients to become active participants in their health care.

Treatment alternatives are considered cooperatively to achieve the desired economic, clinical and humanistic outcomes. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients. Our ultimate goal is to help people optimize health throughout every stage of life.