Water Tower Nursing and Home Care (WTN) believes in respecting and working with our neighbors.

WTN strives to improve the community in which we all reside.

WTN will provide family focused home care services.

WTN is determined to preserve our client’s independence and maintain their quality of life.

WTN will continue to improve our programs and services to better meet the changing needs of our clients.

WTN will reach outward to expand our services by establishing partnerships with like providers.

WTN recognizes care giving is complicated relationship. It is forever changing, and it usually involves a variety of people, not just the caregiver and the client.

WTN acknowledges that care giving is far too big a task to undertake alone. This is true for all caregivers, but particularly for those who are assisting loved ones with multiple needs or who are providing round-the-clock care.

WTN advocates for health care reform with a goal that doctors, nurses and all healthcare professionals have a greater understanding of how to work constructively with the chronically ill, their families, and their caregivers.

WTN promotes access to a care coordination team that can help families deal with significant medical issues and adjust to a crises or changing situation. WTN will make every effort to make sure that correct patient information is transferred from doctor to doctor and from hospital, to rehab, to home.