The Recruitment Process

All information and documentation obtained in this section is maintained in the employee personnel file upon hire, unless otherwise noted.

  1. Application Process – a formal process, including written application, telephone discussions, and staff discussions must occur for each applicant.
  2. Interview Process – a minimum of two (2) in-person interviews are required for each applicant.
  3. A minimum of two (2) work related references, either written or verbal, are required verifying prior direct client care.
  4. WTN conducts a check of the Illinois Statewide Sex Offender Database, Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) Sex Registrant, and US Department of Justice Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW)
  5. WTN conducts a check of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Health Care Worker Registry for administrative findings of abuse, neglect or misappropriations of property.
  6. WTN conducts an initial criminal history background check utilizing Illinois State Police Uniform Conviction Information Act (UCIA) records. Criminal history background checks are updated periodically for all caregivers.
  7. WTN conducts a thorough background screening in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This includes an initial Motor Vehicle Record Check (MVR), social security number confirmation, and a current and historical felony conviction records check. Thereafter, MVR checks are completed as needed.
  8. WTN ensures that all prospective caregivers:c. Have a visa or proof of citizenship in compliance with the Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service requirements for employment.
  9. When applicable, WTN acquires documentation and verification of current certification, registration or license information.
  10. WTN employees are screened for communicable diseases. A physician’s statement stating that the employee is free from communicable disease is required if a problem is suspected.
  11. In accordance with CDC federal guidelines, a Hepatitis B Vaccine Policy is in place.
  12. WTN employees are provided with a comprehensive job description outlining duties and limitations.a. Do not have a disqualifying background check under the requirements of the Health Care Worker Background Check Act without a waiver.
    b. Have a copy of their Social Security Card.