Home Health Care Costs

Water Tower Nursing and Home Care, Inc. (WTN) employees/home service workers (caregivers) are trained to provide a wide variety of duties. As you look for home health care services you may have questions about the cost of services. The following information is provided to help clarify the costs and factors which impact home health care costs. For the latest details on our home health care costs and services please see the Rates For Service document. We encourage you to reach out to us for a complimentary consultation as costs can vary by the circumstances and services needed. We can provide you the most accurate rate for services if after we fully understand your needs and circumstances.

What Impacts Home Health Care Costs?

  1. Home health care costs are typically based upon care for one person. Caring for two people can be arranged but will incur additional costs.
  2. Home health care service needs can vary greatly and sometimes the needs require a more experienced caregiver or special skills. Home care costs may vary depending on the caregiver’s experience, case difficulty or case location. This may also apply if your needs are less than our typical minimum hours and days per week.
  3. Some circumstances and care needs may require protective equipment for the caregiver. The protective equipment can be provided by the client which will reduce the costs, or the caregiver can provide the protective equipment. Additional information may be found in the document titled: “Infection Control Guidelines”.
  4. Transportation services can usually be provided but will impact the cost of services.

Your home health care costs may be impacted by these and other factors. They may also change over time. Costs may change due to a reassessment of needs, a change in requested services and other factors. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Types of Home Health Care Services

WTN caregiver services are priced differently depending on the type of service provided. The services fall into the following categories.

Hourly Care:

Caregivers are available on a come and go hourly basis. Day or evening shifts can be scheduled twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week for your convenience.
See our Rates for Service document for details.

Live-in Care:

Caregivers are available for Clients who need ongoing home health care and assistance throughout a twentyfour (24) hour period in accordance with certain conditions and expectations that must be met.
See our Rates for Service document for details.

Emergent Care:

Caregivers are available to meet the urgent need of Clients who require care and assistance with less than a twenty-four (24) hour notice. These services typically revert back to the standard rates after the first twenty-four hours of care.
See our Rates for Service document for details.


Caregivers are available to assist a client following surgical procedures, provided the care needed is non-medical in nature.
See our Rates for Service document for details.

In accordance with wage and hour laws, overtime work and work over holidays may incur additional costs.

*The information provided above is for guidance purposes. See our Rates For Service document for the latest information on the cost of our services.