Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy

Any pharmacist can fill a bottle with pills, but third-generation pharmacist Mark Paley, owner of Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy and Health Center in Water Tower Place, dispenses TLC!

Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy and Health Center has continued to provide quality customer-oriented care to the same North Michigan Avenue neighborhood since 1852.

Our conscientious and caring pharmacists will not merely fill the prescription your doctor orders, they make themselves available to coach you on how to maximize the effectiveness of your medication.  Our clients leave our pharmacy knowing they can reach us at our 24 hour a day, 7 day a week phone number.

Our pharmacy is a cozy space tucked away on the ninth floor of Water Tower Place. You’ll be able to find all the products of a traditional pharmacy, plus a wide range of over-the-counter medications, home medical supplies, durable equipment, health and beauty aids and natural products.  We provide guidance to help our clients identify options for satisfying all their health care needs.  Mark Paley, pharmacist and owner of Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy and Health Center, describes his business as a “concierge pharmacy” – “you bring us a health problem, and we’ll figure out a solution.”

Integrated Health Care Systems

Talented Registered Dietitians, who provide nutrition consultation designed to promote nutritious eating habits, control or prevent specific medical conditions and help clients achieve and then maintain their desired weight, are among the services that we offer at Integrated Health Care Systems.